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Our trained eye for detail and design is on-point, and that translates through our photography. Mirmont Pictures has staff photographers in Los Angeles, New York City, and Salt Lake City [and for you, our team will travel world-wide]. We’re equipped and ready to digitally capture any visual images you need. We have photographed fashion spreads, panels at the Sundance Film Festival, publicity photos, rockstars, actors and actresses, a wide array of products, behind-the-scenes for feature films, and high-in-the-sky drone imagery. Our photos have landed in magazines, news publications, movies, portfolios, and online media channels.

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Mirmont Pictures delivers stunning imagery that you will be proud to publicize. Our view through a frame is one of experience, education, and a little bit of magic. We capture the pivotal moments, creating snapshots in time.


Capture exquisite, still images with Mirmont Pictures. We pride ourselves on being image creators all day in every way. We collaborate with you to ensure we get the exact shots and look you want. We aim to be a trusted advisor to your brand. Let us make you look good, it’s what we do.



We use top-of-the-line professional gear like our cinema-grade cameras [RED and Canon], cinema-grade lenses [Sigma, Zeiss, Canon], lighting package, powerhouse computers and editing software, and professional series drones. Our equipment, eye for detail, and quality is unmatched.




Our goal is to make a lasting impression. The photos we can capture for you will be original, and from a unique point of view that is exclusive to us and our brand. Our seasoned skill set, history of quality work and creativity set us apart and make us special. We capture the uniqueness of your subject and make it exceptional.



From the start, we have your target audience and vision in mind, and use it as the primary mechanism to capture the most vivid images. We already have an audience of tens-of-thousands of fans, and 10+ million views on our social media profiles. We know how to grow and sustain an audience.



The incredible photos you will receive from Mirmont Pictures will grow your social engagement. Viewers prefer high-quality imagery, and connect with it more. High-quality is the only thing Mirmont Pictures deals in. We deliver superior resolution, high-caliber photos worth sharing.

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